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Sci-Fi Strategy Game ASTROKINGS announced their IP Collaboration project with Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Zoey Son

APR. 30, 2020

The main character of the famous animation ' Legend of the Galactic Heroes' will come to the strategic game 'ASTROKINGS'.AN Games (CEO Kim Hwan-ki) will present collaboration event with Japanese famous animation Legend of the Galactic Heroes- Di Neue These in the SF strategy mobile game ASTROKINGS.

The characters from Legend of the Galactic Heroes are visiting ASTROKINGS. The original "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" is a famous science fiction novel about the confrontation between the Galaxy Empire and the Free Planet Alliance. It was also produced in graphic novels, animations, and games. 10 heroes, including Yang Wen Li and Linehardt, who are the main characters of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes, appear as S-level heroes. The main flagships of the Galaxy Hero Legend, Hyperion and Brynhild, were also added. AN Games will give the S-class hero Yang Wen Li to the users and present 50 legend hero tickets during the login event.“

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